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When you work in a performance environment you need to be the best - to lead the pack. Meet Grey Matters. The company with genuine research AND sporting prowess. We don’t just use the research, we create it then build it around you.


Perfect performances are, by definition, very rare. Our approach to working with you respects your drive and determination, but also joins you in this pursuit. As performers progress, poor sessions become OK, OK sessions turn good, and excellent outcomes become more usual.

In parallel, our work with support staff, especially coaches, equips them to enable the pursuit of excellence. From a systems perspective, we also work with you to develop practical but optimum solutions to address the challenges you face.

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Triangular approach

As scientists, we’ll evaluate and understand all the elements of your challenge. As active researchers, we’ll design ‘made to measure’ solutions. As applied practitioners, we’ll keep things clear and simple but, as Einstein said, no simpler. Expect rigorous evaluation, evidence-based solutions and minimal jargon.

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Areas of expertise

  • Performance Enhancement
  • Practitioner Development
  • Organisations and Systems

Performance Enhancement

We can support your performance in terms of skill development, performance psychology or training, both physical fitness and skills wise. Our practitioners have immediate access to our lead consultants, including clinical psychology, organisational behaviour, nutrition, skill acquisition and strength and conditioning, so almost any issue can be addressed. The multiple skill profiles across our colleagues mean that different elements are integrated into holistic ‘total programmes’.

Practitioner Development

Coaching is undoubtedly the most crucial support service and nowadays, coaching is apparent in all the support disciplines – such Strength and Conditioning, Sport Psychology and Performance Analysis, as well as the more usual technical and tactical elements . We have a broad international experience in the training, accreditation and ongoing development of coaches across all these disciplines. Reflecting this, we can develop bespoke systems for your own particular need, then support these as they develop. Eventually, you will have your own self-supporting process – offering world class coaching whatever the level of your performers.

Organisations and Systems

Increasingly, coaches and athletes work within systems or pathways which ensure maximum benefit to all concerned – BUT ONLY IF they are well-designed and led. Effective systems and organisations are often complex but crucially, these complexities are catered for by apparently simple and straightforward processes.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Grey Matters has a vast experience of developing innovative and effective systems, ranging from talent identification and development to elite performance in sport and elsewhere. We work with you to design and apply user-friendly methods that optimise output and ensure buy in from your team.


A leap forward in performance

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A message from Dave Collins
Performance psychologist

In an increasingly confused world of ‘sciency’ researchers and commercial gurus, Grey Matters focus on providing a clear, evidence-based service that puts YOU in charge.

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